About Mahy Crane Hire

The Crane Association

Mahy Crane Hire are members of The Crane Association of New Zealand (Inc.) The Association was established in 1975 by crane owners to represent their interests. Today crane owners of all types are members as are many suppliers to the industry.

The Association places a great deal of importance on training and safety and has succeeded in raising the standards of operation and efficiency across the face of the crane industry.

By supporting its members in these and other operational objectives the New Zealand crane industry has become an international benchmark of success in these areas.

The Association is the voice of the crane industry and recognised by the New Zealand government and the general public alike as the official representative on all matters relating to the safety and operation of cranes.

In December 2006, the Power Crane Association of New Zealand became the Crane Association of New Zealand (Inc). The new name was prompted by a detailed examination of the Association's changing role and how it had evolved beyond just representing the power cranes that it began with in 1975. The changed name describes all the classes of cranes are now covered by the Association and is more in line with the definition of a crane under legislation.